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Health Blog

  • Coffee Can Actually Help You Sleep!

    It can be hard to believe but a cup of coffee and good timing can equal a revitalizing nap.  We share the secret...
  • Are there Solutions for Saggy Skin?

    Maturity and getting older can mean a less firm, even sagging, skin.

    We all tend to try and look after our faces to help keep them looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

    But many of us are less likely to take care of the skin on the rest of our body. 

  • Is Standing on One Leg Like a Flamingo a Good Idea?

    There is new research out and it is all about being able to stand on one leg as if you were a flamingo.

    A team of scientists from around the world have got together to come up with a test called the one-legged stance test or OLS. 

    Find out more about their findings...

  • How Can You Help Arthritis in the Hands?

    When arthritis strikes, it is so often our hands that are affected.  And the most common types of arthritis in the hands are osteoarthritis (wear and tear on the joints) and rheumatoid arthritis (an inflammatory type of arthritis caused by inflammation in the joint)...
  • Headaches and Other Painful Conditions Could Have a New Type of Treatment

    Many of us will have our own way of coping with headaches and other painful conditions but we will probably never have thought of using nostalgia!

    Now researchers have found that a dose of nostalgia actually has medicinal properties that help with treating mild pain...

  • Foot Problems - and How to Solve Them

    If you suffer with your feet - perhaps from one condition or another - what can you do about it?

    We share the different ways your feet can be affected and how you can remedy the situation.


  • Is it Time for more Thyme in your Life?

    Everyone should have some thyme growing in their garden - one of the easiest of plants to grow and it keeps on giving back to you with its herbal fragrance and so many other benefits and uses.
  • Top Ten Tips on How to Brighten Your Day!

    With so many concerns in our everyday world today, we have to find ways to bring more joy and happiness in our lives.

    Find out more about how you can do this with our top ten tips!

  • How Do We Really Know How Many Hours Sleep We Need at Night?

    We often become anxious if we find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night or during the very early hours of the morning, thinking that we are just not getting sufficient sleep.

    And yet, during historical times, people had very different sleeping habits.

  • How Green is Your Garden?

    Green gardening is very on trend...

    With all the changes as to how gardeners have started to think about the environment, climate change and how they can play their part, the subject of green gardening is overdue.

    We share some tips on how to become more eco-friendly in your garden or back yard

  • We Know About DYSLEXIA but What About DYSCALCULIA?

    Dyscalculia (pronounced to rhyme with Julia) is a specific cognitive impairment affecting the understanding of numbers.  Those who suffer from this condition could have trouble with numbers - namely doing simple calculations, remembering numbers or even putting them in size order.
  • How to Grow and Learn to Love KALE!

    Many have a love/hate relationship with broccoli and/or Brussels sprouts but kale comes close...

    There are many forms of kale and it is part of brassica family in the same way as cabbages, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are.