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All You Need to Know About Wearing Your Bra!


As a woman, there is something you might not have given much thought to - and that is how you put on your bra!

Apparently there are lots of wrong ways and only one right way...

Which are the wrong ways?

  •  “The step-in method.”  This is when you literally step into an already fastened up bra, and then pull it up your body until it reaches your chest.
  • "The over the head method.”  This is where the user puts the already fastened up bran over their had and then pulls it down over their body. 
  • "The fasten at the back and spin round method."  This is said to be the worst method of all and to be avoided at all costs.  That said, it is the method I use and have always used!  And it is reputed to be popular with many.  The reason why all three methods are not advisable is because the bra can be damaged when wearers pull on the cups.

And which is the right way!

The correct method is said to be putting the straps on first by pushing your arm through each strap.  Then gently pull down the cups of the bra, making sure they are comfortable and supported. Finally, the bra should be fastened at the back, checking that everything is firmly in each cup.

Other points to remember about bra wearing 

  • One concern is that wearing one can easily block lymphatic drainage because of compressing the breasts. Such compression can lead to tissue edema, cysts and the accumulation of toxins. In time, these toxins could result in a more sinister outcome.'
  • Another concern is underwire bras which contain metal underwires, coated with plastic. And it is the metal that could seriously affect your health by pressing directly on two neurolymphatic reflexes - under the right breast leads to the liver and gall bladder while that under the left breast goes to the stomach. Pressure on these points at first create a stimulating affect, but over time decrease the function of these organs, even leading to sickness.
  • Any tight fitting bra can cause problems because of the pressure on the lymph nodes - blocking the lymph glands, preventing them from draining and causing impaired health much like tight briefs lower sperm count in men. 

We go into more detail in our earlier blog here.