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Saunas are not Just for the Swedes as they have Health Benefits for Everyone



Both Sweden and Finland have a long history of saunas. 

Many people may not realize that having a regular sauna comes with a list of health benefits.  These include:

How to enjoy that very first sauna experience!

While every sauna open to the public has its own house rules, sauna bathing is generally divided by gender: women and men each having their own turn in the sauna.   However, immediate families may often bathe together.

Here are some top ten tips

  1. Mentally prepare yourself for the sauna ahead of time, and reserve plenty of time for bathing. The sauna is no place for rush and clock watching!
  2. Hydrate well with glasses of cool water beforehand and forget about any phone. Give yourself this time to focus on yourself without interruptions.
  3. Take a shower, being sure to wash your hair and leave it wet as well as removing any makeup. 
  4. You have the choice to enter the sauna naked, wrapped in a towel, or wearing a swimsuit.  One option is to cover your head with a damp towel to protect it from the heat.
  5. Go into the sauna with an open mind, laying your sauna bench cover on the highest bench and taking a seat.  Remember to breathe evenly and relax. Position yourself comfortably and close your eyes.
  6. Listen to your body and trust the sensations you experience. It’s normal to break a sweat, for your heart rate to increase slightly and for your skin to redden. Drink more water to counteract the sweating.
  7. If the sauna feels too hot, lie down, move to a lower bench or step out of the sauna to cool off.  It is important to feel comfortable.
  8. When you have become accustomed to the temperature inside the sauna, you can start to throw some water on the heater. Throw the water a little at a time, monitoring how the temperature feels. The more water you add to the heater, the hotter the sauna will become.
  9. From time to time, cool off outside. Sit for a moment in the fresh cool air, go swimming or simply sit and rest. To maintain your fluid levels, it’s important to remember to drink between your turns in the sauna as well.  Re-enter the sauna as many times as you wish.
  10. When you’re finished, rinse the sweat from your skin and wash yourself in the shower.  After your sauna, continue to relax, whether alone or with friends enjoying the feeling of being “sauna-clean.”


Where can you enjoy the sauna experience?

Check online as to where your nearest sauna and steam rooms are situated, perhaps in a leisure center, health club or spa.

Putting a sauna in your house is safe as long as it is installed and wired correctly by a professional to ensure everything is up to code. You may also need to vent it depending on the type of sauna and the location. 

Having a sauna at home gives you more flexibility to use it whenever you want to. They are a great alternative to saunas at spas and health clubs for those that live busy lives. With indoor and outdoor sauna kits becoming increasingly available, their affordability and ease of installation are improving as well. 


Although sauna is good for just about everybody, you need to remember that it is not advisable for young babies or those with serious conditions like open wounds or heart problems.



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