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Natural Solution for Varicose Veins

H-Varicose Veins Formula


Varicose veins can lead to a lot of discomfort when the swollen and enlarged veins occur on the legs and feet. They may be blue or dark purple, and are often lumpy, bulging or twisted in appearance.

Other symptoms include:

  • Aching, heavy and uncomfortable legs especially if you sit or stand for any length of time.
  • Swollen feet and ankles.
  • Burning or throbbing in your legs.
  • Veins bulge or seem twisted for a portion of the leg or there is an outline of bluish veins.
  • Muscle cramp in the legs, particularly at night.
  • Dry, itchy and thin skin over the affected vein.  The veins themselves can become itchy and irritated or inflamed after prolonged periods of sitting. 

What causes varicose veins?

Failure of bileaflet venous valves causes improper functioning of veins with some of the risk factors including:
  • Family history
  • Age
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Standing at a stretch for long hours routinely
  • Being overweight
  • Living a sedentary life style

But treatment is available for those symptoms and the discomfort they cause...

H-Varicose Veins Formula

H-Varicose Veins Formula contains no additives and works gently.  It is the natural solution to work effectively on varicose veins - and spider veins - quickly and gently in the comfort of your home.  You can just apply topically around and above varicose veins and directly onto spider veins using a cotton swab or even with your finger.  As the formula is concentrated, only a few drops are necessary which will  penetrate deep into the skin tissue, rapidly reducing venous congestion and discomfort.

While complete results will differ from person to person, the formula will typically alleviate the discomfort caused by the swelling right away with complete results taking up to a few weeks as the symptoms reduce slowly each day and continue to improve.

H-Varicose Veins Formula 


How to prevent varicose veins

  • It is important to avoid prolonged periods of sitting or standing especially in one position as this makes it more difficult for your blood  to travel in the leg veins against gravity, causing pressure in the veins to rise and even eventually causing blood to pool around the ankles.  This can lead to feet and calves becoming swollen and achy.
  • Moving around will decrease the venous pressure while improving the blood circulation. Sitting behind a screen or at a desk, make the effort to do small exercises:  peddling your feet; stretching your ankles; and bending your knees in a “marching-like” manner.
  • Try to elevate your legs at least three times a day, for fifteen minutes at a time. Elevating your feet above the heart breaks the gravity circle, resulting in better blood circulation and less ankle swelling.
  • Wear compression hosiery as compression socks and stockings can help to keep your vein valves in the right position. This makes it easier for the veins to function properly and reduces blood pooling, swelling, and pain.  There are four options to choose from: mild, moderate, firm, or extra firm.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, paying attention to your diet while avoiding those foods high in salt while including those high in fiber and potassium.  Proper hydration is helpful too leading to healthy blood circulation while exercise should be part of your daily routine with the most beneficial exercise to prevent varicose veins is walking.  But yoga is a good option too with those poses that take your feet higher than your heart.  Yoga can also help stretch and tone the deepest muscles in your calves and hamstrings.  As well as walking and yoga, other beneficial exercise include cycling and swimming.
  • Sleeping  on your left side may help prevent varicose veins from forming and ease the symptoms of existing varicose veins. 

Although you might not be able to do much about contributing factors such as your age, your gender or your family history, you can follow suggestions and tips for preventing varicose veins.

H-Varicose Veins Formula 



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